What I’m asking Santa for…..

Well it’s that time of year.  I took my kids to Santa on Friday and they told him what they want for Christmas.  When he’s not sitting at the mall (or drinking Vodka) Santa is checking his list, making sure he’s got the nice and naughty list right and what everyone wants.   So here’s what is on my wish list this Christmas for 2011.

-           I’d love for the 2011 Hawkeye football season to be a lot more positive than 2010, and to start with a win over the Missouri Tigers in the Insight Bowl and the 2011 regular season to end with a win over the Nebraska Cornhuskers.
-          The Big Ten to change their division names…really, Leaders and Legends?
-          The Big Ten to keep the championship game and tournament in Indianapolis, it fits, it works.
-          The Super Bowl to be as great as the last few have been.
-          The Hawkeye basketball team to get better and better in January and February and play more than 1 game at the Big Ten Tournament.
-          The Hawkeye wrestlers to…well be the Hawkeye Wrestlers, NATIONAL CHAMPS!
-          The Cubs to play meaningful games in August and September.
-          The NBA Finals to be the Lakers and the Heat, and Lakers win just to spite LeBron and Bosh.
-          The 2011 NFL Season to actually happen, please no lock out.
-          Death to the BCS, please be read by Presidents, ADs and congressmen and end the farce of these bowls and crap of losing money
-          Death to the BCS 2 to come out after the stats of all the schools losing money to the bowls this year
-          Mark Cuban & ESPN to create the College Football Playoff!
-          Tranformers 3, please don’t suck like TF2 did.
-          Captain America to continue the Marvel Comic movie parade
-          Cars 2 please don’t suck also
-          Gas prices to get closer to 2 bucks a gallon than 3 bucks.
-          How I Met Your Mother and Big Bang Theory, do what you’re doing, funniest shows on tv.
-          Politicians…well screw you are mostly all crooks.
-          ESPN to have continue the 30 for 30 series to do 31 for 31.
-          Something to work actually at work….3rd party vendor sucks.
-          No Favre drama this off season.  Stay or Retire.
-          To be able to get to Kinnick for an Iowa home game this fall.
-          A life time supply of GrainBelt
-          Powerball numbers… J

And finally my kids and family and friends good health and good wishes and a happy new year!

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