Division Champs!

I never thought this year would result in the 2010 North Division Champions.  With the hire of Mike Martz as offensive coordinator, I thought that the Bears season was doomed.  5-6 wins max.  A new coach and staff.  Not only Martz being hired, but Mike Tice.  Yes Mike Tice the former Vikings head coach.  

I didn't think that the OL could hold up, and some games they haven't. Hester returned to form, and Cutler has cut back on the mistakes.  All that coupled with the Vikings, Packers and Lions all being banged up and the Bears 5-0 in the division and we are DIVISION CHAMPS!  I have a new hat to order!

How far can we go in the playoffs....i'm not sure.  I'd love to get the #2 seed and a bye and hopefully a home win.  Then after that the Falcons would loom in Atlanta.  That game would worry me, but thats why they play the games!  Anything is possible.

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