Best and Worst of the Weekend - Big Dance

BEST - This weekend was overall really pretty good, and well it was too short and too fast.  Friday night I had my niece and nephew here along with my 3.  Shawnna went out with my mom and sister-n-law to dinner and a play.

This is how the night started....then 5 minutes later.  :)  Just kidding....all 5 kids were great.

We played Just Dance 4 Kids and MarioKart.  It was funny as heck watching the kids dance, but then I'm amazed when I see Addy dance.  She is so good and i can't wait to get her into dance.  Here are a couple videos from the weekend of the kids dancing.


My niece and nephew were great help Friday night and we had a fun time. 

Saturday my boy and I spent time at home while my wife, daughter and mom-in-law were out doing girl stuff.  We watched a movie over streaming Netflix, Superman/Batman: Apocalypse.  I love the comic book movies, and it was decent.   I don’t care as much for DC as I do Marvel, but love Batman.  The movie was decent.  I’d give it a 2.5/3 stars.  Enjoyable movie.  The new look for SuperGirl looked like a new millennium outfit.  Kids, go ahead and watch it.  My son liked it a lot too. 

My one complaint for the DC world and the Batman comics/cartoons.  Batman shouldn’t be as big and muscular as Superman.  Batman is more of a realistic hero (see Christopher Nolan’s Batman Begins & Dark Knight).  Superman is an alien.  I wish they could separate those 2 worlds, but they are DC’s 2 biggest properties so I know why they do it, but that is my biggest disagreement with DC.  Make Batman a normal guy by day, not some dude on HGH.

Also Saturday went and got a tee and some wiffle balls for me and the boy (and Addy) to play.  We were going to go out Sunday morning but the wetness/mud in the fields cancelled that.  Sunday though the boy and I went to the Iowa Energy game at Wells Fargo Arena.  His first one, and he said he was going to “tickle the twine”  It was fun, he danced during the music and instead of watching the actual game, he watched it on the big scoreboard. 

Another best was his bracket.  Brayden, going into the sweet 16, is in first place of a group of 48.  He nailed the picks of Marquette, Richmond, Florida State & Butler.  I’m 80 points behind him. 

Worst – I didn’t get out and clean  out the garage and leaves and stuff.  With 3 kids and plans and Shawnna’s mom coming down, just didn’t have the time I wanted too.  But why not put of something till tomorrow when I can do something with the kids today.  Back to the grind Monday for 5 days.  

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