State Funded Preschool

Ok, so with politics and state budgets and things going on right now, I’ve got one thing that has been bothering me thinking about it more related to that of the Iowa’s state budget.  State funded preschool and free preschool.  Now I don’t think that we should be cutting money on education, I think that is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT, but when it comes to funding for preschool I think there needs to be something done when it comes to free preschool. 

Should it be free for everyone?  No.  If you choose to go to a state funded preschool, and can afford to pay something, I think that it would ease some stress on the state.  I’m not trying to be a stickler or anything but if you can afford to help out and pay on a sliding scale, why wouldn’t that be a viable option?  I don’t know what the public preschools cost, but if you charge 50 bucks a kid how much revenue can be made?  100 bucks a week even for those who have a budget that can afford it? 

Now I still don’t think that it should be free either, I think that if you make it like 10 bucks a week for the lowest level of a sliding pay scale, you give that person the sense of responsibility and accomplishment to keep up paying for that.  I would have to do more research on the numbers of kids enrolled and how much those families make but I think they this would be a good move for the state and the budget and to maybe even make some revenue. 

My kids go to a private preschool that they do very well at, and we have to pay weekly.  My next statement and thought is where I may tork some people off, but if you choose to send your kids to a private preschool that receives no state funding or help, why would you allow them special privileges and not having to pay full price like others but make others follow the stated rules in a contract?  I think that anyone receiving state help should be at a state funded preschool.  Anyone at a private preschool should all have to pay the price in a contract and not have state funded rules allowed to them.   Go ahead, rip me now.   

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  1. Agree with the sliding scale. To me, preschool is a priviledge, not a requirement!