The Fighter

The Fighter came out today on DVD, got it reserved on RedBox right away to watch tonight.  With a few pauses and then restarts I got through it and it was a great movie!  It's based on the story of boxer Mickey Ward and his rise to the Welterweight World Championship.  I'm going to have to do some research to see how much of it was "Hollywood" but the story and acting was great.  

Christian Bale was excellent as Dicky Ecklund and was worth of his Supporting Actor Oscar win.  He dropped weight to showcase Ecklund and had his role down.  I didn't care for Mickey's mom, portrayed by Melissa Leo (another Oscar win - Supporting Actress), it seemed as if she was using Mickey as a stepping stone for Dickey and his failures.  

Amy Adams was amazing in the role, I thought she should have won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress, I thought she was Superior to Leo in this movie.  

Wahlberg didn't get the accolades acting that the other 3 did from the Oscars but he did great as Mickey Ward. He has also expressed interest in a sequel that shows Wards 3 battles in the ring with Aturo Gatti.

Going to give it 4 stars, defiantly worth a watch and rental. 

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