Best and Worst of the Weekend

Best – Actually getting out and having fun with the kids and there wasn’t any illness!  No Sinus infections, no ear infections, actually had all 5 of us healthy.  Friday night we stayed in and watched MegaMind.  I got a movie for Shawnna and I, Life As We Know It, but I was so zonked out that I was snoring during it.  Saturday Addy, Bray and I went and got breakfast…the kids wanted a donut and I got a mcgriddle and starbucks frappuccino.  Breakfast of Champions!  Saturday early on then was all cleaning up the kids rooms and laundry.  Addy then got to go sell more girl scout cookies with her troop at Dahl’s and Brayden got to nap.   Saturday night it was on like donkey kong with the kids playing Mario Kart.  Brayden has driving in circles down! 

Sunday Bray and I went to Bass Pro Shops and damn…when did fishing rods cost 60-70 bucks?  I did find a tent though that I think will work well for us.  The older kids wanna go camping.  Sunday also was our first trip to the Botanical Center with the groupon I purchased for the family for the year.  I remember it being bigger, but I haven’t been there since I was likes 8.  The kids had fun, then we went to Indianola for a  snack at the A&W restaurant…root beer floats.

Sunday night concluded with this year’s first grilling!  Steaks baby!  Parmesan tators and asparagus and warm chocolate chip cookies.  Winning!

Then of course it was SELECTION SUNDAY!  Got my 1 bracket filled out.  The kids and Shawnna filled theirs out.  Kids actually have some decent final fours compared to last year.  Kinda disappointed theirs went as crazy as last year.  Addy last year picked mostly teams with purple in their logos.  Brayden was dead set on his teddy bear (Oakland) vs his choo-choo train(Purdue) last year…this year both picked Ohio State.   Good Luck to all those who filled their brackets out in the Wide Right group on ESPN.

Looking forward to renting “The Fighter” this week and watching the Fab 5 30 for 30 that I dvr'd.

Worst – Well it was a good weekend overall….what sucked the most was me being tired.  I felt tired after work Friday and crashed during a movie….same Saturday night.  Sunday night I crashed hard after the Celebrity Apprentice and didn’t help much with the lil one….Shawnna let me sleep though knowing I had to come to work…or she didn’t want me to be crabby so she just didn’t nudge me.  Worst #2 is I was snacky all weekend.  Chinese on Friday I got snacky on.  Little strawberry treats that Erin brought us got me snacky too.  Need to get the 15 off and get ready for softball!

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