Is Twitter the end of message boards?

In the ever expanding tools available to us on the internet, something has become clear to me….twitter is going to kill the message board.  Message boards like Hawkeye Nation and Report and everything was where fans went to get all the breaking news on your favorite teams that a fan not connected would get.  Others had info on movies and movie stars….now it’s all available in only 140 characters depending on who you choose to follow.  Easily anything breaking you will get the information from about 20 others you follow. 

And in my experience of message boards, there were people on there who I never cared for their response, or what they had to say.  With twitter you cannot follow them or just block them.  Convenience.  If you have blog or website, you can still promote all your products there easily.  In a matter of retweets too you have your blog or business splattered all the twitterverse.  You can have your same conversations with the same people on twitter.  Hash tag it for a thread. 

I look at it as the .com era back in the early 2000s.  There was a big push and then the balloon burst.  I think the time is coming soon for the end of message boards too.  Those of you who have a stake in them, I think you’re on the downward spiral of this phenomenon.  Twitter I don’t think will ever replace facebook, they are 2 totally different things.  I enjoy them both and think they are both great tools…just don’t let them overtake you.

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