Sunday I took the kids to see Rango, the new film starring Johnny Depp’s voice about a  lizard who becomes a cop in an old west town where water is like money.  I was hoping with a few of the shots in the trailer that it might be good.  It started off ok, and liked a few scenes later in the movie, but as a whole it just wasn’t that entertaining that I could hold me for 90 minutes or so.  Rattle Snake Jake also may haunt a few kids for a few nights after seeing it.  My daughter clenched to my arm every time he was on, and my son said he was outside his window last night.  The 4 animated movies from last year (Toy Story 3, How to Train a Dragon, MegaMind, Despicable Me) all blow this one out of the water.

1.5 Stars – Should be a Redbox or Netflix rental..highly disappointed in it.

Another thing that sucked was that my son spilled my drink all over, without anyone taking a drink, as soon as we sat down.  $5 bucks down the drain.  Overall a $30 trip to the movie with the 2 older kids.  Not too bad I guess with 3 of us, but I won’t be getting drinks again.  And probably not going to southridge many more time with kids.  Probably head to Indianola, may take 10 more minutes to get there but it’s less expensive.

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