Best and Worst of the Weekend…Cinderella Story!

BEST – The weekend was really pretty good overall starting with Friday.  Earlier in the week I won 2 tickets from 97.3 for the Iowa Barnstormers home opener for the 2011 Arena football season.  I couldn’t find a sitter for the wife to go, so offered the ticket to a buddy and he and I went.  Before the game got a couple Grainbelts and bacon wrapped tator tots at the Highlife, and those beers went down good and easy!  

The Stormer game was my first in 2 years, they added a couple local stars, Iowa’s 2002 Heisman runner up Brad Banks and ISU’s Todd Blythe.  Those 2 will probably help them sell tickets a bit this year, along with winning.  The game was really good, you can read Quentin’s (@thewood31) write up here.  Summing it up, Banks had some good plays, including a 22 yard draw that ended up being a TD, Blythe had a nice game.  The offensive line needs to improve though for the Stormers, and they need a kicker.  1-7 on PATs isn’t good.  In the end the Stormers won 43-42.  @thecooler had a couple tweets of the night at the game about the game, well crowd, around the 5 yard line too!

Saturday Addy had girl scouts in the morning,  and then in the afternoon we were going to go to the Shriners Circus at the Iowa State Fairgrounds at the new Jacobsen Building.  We get to the fairgrounds and well there were two lines out the building of about 100 people each, and I’m thinking no way, someone will get snapped.  So ending up skipping that and going to Monkey Joe’s to let the kids play.  They loved the inflatables and ran off some energy.   

Saturday night, with the help of some vodka, :), my headache from Monkey Joe’s was gone and rented a movie, How Do You Know.  It’s not an Oscar worthy movie, a chick flick comedy starring Reese Witherspoon, Owen Wilson, Paul Rudd and Jack Nicholson.  This was not one of Jack’s best acting jobs.  I hope he has one good movie left in him, but otherwise he might want to just ride off into the sunset.  Really weird to see Reese as an athlete, I don’t see her as a stud softball player.  Owen Wilson as a MLB pitcher?  Didn’t fit either.  Paul Rudd did a really good job though as he usually does.  About 2/5 stars, it’s worth a $1 rental.  Get some vodka to go with it!

Sunday Addy had a play date with a friend and they went to a Mad Hatter tea party and had tea with the characters from Alice in Wonderland.  Brayden and I played at home, can’t wait for next weekend when its warmer, but I love playing with his toys, thankfully I have a boy!  Barbie’s aren’t that much fun to play with. 

WORST – Well other than the mass chaos at Monkey Joe’s and all the kids, Cinderella was my worst.  My NCAA tournament bracket didn’t look to bad going into the weekend, then Cinderella decided to BUST IT.  Butler and VCU are having amazing runs in the tournament.  VCU beat my champion in Kansas and Butler has made another amazing run to reach back to back Final Fours.  One of those teams ins going to play for the National Championship. 

Tiger Woods 2012 comes this week, I’m going for the green jacket!  Will post a review of the game when it comes!  Looking forward to it.

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