Celebrity Apprentice 4 prediction

Ok, so I should have done this before but I wanted to get a feeling of how the players acted in show 1.  This seasons cast is interesting.  I think you have a bunch of egos that are going to conflict with each other, which makes for good tv. 

I think of the guys Cassidy was the weakest link and he had to go.  I don’t think Jose will bring in the $ since he’s burned his baseball bridges to win and like Hatch said, I don’t think he’s bright enough to win.  Of the guys I think John Rich (Big & Rich) has the best chance to succeed and lead.  Of the women I think it will come down to Lisa Rinna and Star Jones, Nikki Taylor maybe a dark horse candidate.  It looks like the women don’t like Lisa Rinna, but she reminds me of the Rivers combo a couple years ago.  I think she has too much to fail.  Really don’t think there is a Pierse Morgan, Joan Rivers or Bret Michaels in this group yet. 

I’ll pick John Rich to win it all.

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