Best and Worst of the Weekend

Well I'm starting to wonder what the hell weekends are for?  Yes I know just had a new born and been waiting for a new born, but it seems like the weekends have been just little breaks from going to work.  Can't wait for the warm weather and getting out and about more.

Best - HAWKEYE BASKETBALL.  Yes you heard it right.  Iowa Basketball is my leadoff best.  Fran lead the team to a 67-65 win in (a rocking) Carver over #6 Purdue.  Now Iowa's had wins over a top ten team under Lickliter (2008 vs #6 Mich State) but for some reason this one felt different.  Does it feel like Kirk Ferentz's 2000 win over Penn State, I think we need next year to know that, but it felt really good being a Hawk basketball fan.  When the game was over I called my dad and we had our normal 30 sec conversation after Iowa games.

Another best, Sunday morning I got german pancakes for breakfast.  A birthday weekend norm from my wife.  Usually only get them a few times a year and well I usually eat to many.  My kids love them too.

Worst - The weekend just seems to be over to quick and be nothing like they are in the summer/fall.  I dread this time of year.  The weather is 20 degrees difference it seems every other day, and it messes with my kids health.  I wish it would just be 70 and mostly sunny all year round.

Monday is my 33rd birthday.  I have my 15 year class reunion this summer.  Where the hell did the time go?  I remember being 25 like 10 minutes ago.  Now I have 3 kids, a dog and a mortgage and (gulp) a will.  Well I didn't go out this year for my birthday.  No prairie fire shots (thanks Mike!) and no grainbelt at the high life or running into my college buddies at the bar.  This year what I asked for is time.  Time to go golfing this summer.  Time to go to Kinnick on April 16 with the kids.  Time to get back there this fall.  Time to hang out with friends more.  So come Monday I'll be 33, here's to another great year.

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