Best and Worst of the Weekend - 3 day weekend!

Best - Friday night the weekend started out great!  Date Night!  We had a great night with supper at Flying Mango and seeing Bridesmaids and going to Mullets.  Which I'll have to go to breakfast sometime to with the boy!

Saturday we woke up and Mom was still here from babysitting.  The kids (all 3 kids that is!) and I ran errands while Shawnna slept than hit the Jordan Creek Mall for the kids to play.  We got home and grilled out and took a long walk.  All during the walk Brayden ran the whole way while Addy rode her scooter.  He was tuckered out and crashed easy.

Sunday I woke up to Shawnna making snickerdoodles.  WINNING!  We hit Kung Fu Panda 2 early at 11 and then the rest of the day was spent taking the van apart to check out the radio and hanging out with some friends and then grilling some tasty steaks.

Monday I took the older kids to the zoo today to see the dinosaurs exhibit.  They were just mechanical skeletons with dinos over them.  The TRex was cool, but didn't car for the others.  It was also really packed today but we still spent a good hour there.  More grilling today and some planting out in the flower garden and it was another good day in the 3 day weekend.

Happy Memorial Day to all the veterans who served and those who are currently serving.  My Memorial Day memories usually all come back to going to the cemetery in Garwin with a poppy on my outfit.  My grandma would get up and set the wreath for the auxilury and then they'd read all the Garwin vets who have died and what war they served.  The cemetery would have the roads all lined with Old Glory and then all the vets had a little flags.  Miss those days, and wish you could go back one time.

Worst - Going to go with my allergies, they are killing me right now and well you remember the most recent.  Brayden and I struggling this weekend with them.

UPDATED - worst was also all the plumbing and gutter work I did this weekend.  My arms are sore a bit.  So is the back.

To go sports wise, what the heck is up in Columbus.  Jim Tressell resigned today, I had a feeling it was coming but then word is coming there might be more with Terrelle Pryor, oh and we still haven't had NCAA sanctions yet.

Then you have #88 in Charlotte were you thought he was ending his win less drought and then ran out of gas.  Yea, he ran out of gas.  Bad luck for Dale Jr.

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