Best and Worst of the Weekend

Best - This weekend, like others seemed to fly by.  Saturday the most.  Saturday morning we had Brayden's swimming lessons at 945 and then Addy's birthday party with 3 of her friends at Monkey Joe's and our house.  Woke up around 730 with Ryliegh and then started cleaning up the house.  Got Brayden to swim lessons and Shawnna took the girls to get stuff for the party.  Brayden has been doing great at swim.  Got him home and the girls were all there ready to go.  At Monkey Joe's they had a great time.  Got home and did the pizza, cake and High School Musical thing, along with tie-dye tshirts.  They came out great and the girls, and Brayden had fun making them.
Saturday Night we had supper at our friends Kim & Jason's.  Kim made a pasta and pesto chicken.  It was tasty!  We sat on the deck in great weather and talked a lot.  The kids played like crazy and were really great.  We sat and talked and ate until about 1045.  The kids were wiped.  I had salsa sour cream spilled into my shoes and had a lot of laughs.  Great night.  Gotta do it again.

Worst - Sunday afternoon, and the weekend ending to quick.

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