Best and Worst of the Weekend

BEST - Weekend went really fast, I really don’t remember a lot of it.  Saturday the whole family went to the zoo and walked around and it was really good.  Enjoyed it a lot.  Hopefully that is a thing to come this weekend at the Omaha zoo.  Grilled out, mowed the back yard(only) and the kids played good.  We had pina coladas and chips and dip and it was good.  Brayden also had swim lessons Saturday, his first without a parent in there with him.  He did really well and had no fear of jumping in by himself and going deep into the pool. 

WORST – Friday night I was in a grumpy mood.  I played som football, lost to Illinois but then beat Penn State Sunday.  And some golf.  I qualified for the Masters on Tigers Woods 12.  Sunday also sucked.  Well kind of.  Shawnna has us on an up down day diet.  Low calorie day followed by a high calorie day.  It was rough that first day, but made it.  Today is a high calorie day.  Hooray food!

Well what a way to end the weekend.  USA!  USA!  USA!  Osama Bin Laden was killed by US military this weekend.  Bad bad dude repsonsbile for 1993 attacks on the World Trade Center and 9/11 and he’s gone.  Buried at sea now after a shot to the head.  Way to go US.  Now please just don’t make this political.  The Democrats didn’t kill Bin Laden, the Republicans didn’t.  American Military did!  Be one party, the United States of America.

Congrats to all 6 Hawkeyes who were drafted this weekend too.  Adrian Clayborn to the Bucs, Christian Ballard to the Vikings, Stanzi to the Chiefs, Vandelvede to Philladelphia, Klug to the Titans, and Sash to the Giants.  How did Sash fall so far?  Damn you Bears you should have taken him!  DJK is still a UFA.  DJK should make a team, he has great talent, please Bears do this!

Again, great to be an American!  Great scenes of all Americans around the country.  To bad our politicans can’t act that way and be one!

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