Online Dynasty

Oh what technology brings us.  Remember in the days of playing video games you had to be in the same room, with in about 5 feet from the person your playing?  Not so anymore with XBox live and the crashed PS3 network.  No, you can be in Iowa (like me) and play someone in Ohio or Texas.

With that, games such as NCAA football and Madden have made it so you can have an online dynasty or franchise with others.  Right now you get your own little site on the EA Sports website.  It keeps track of stats, recruiting and basically anything in the game.  It lets you edit stories and upload highlights to make your own Big Peach!

This year is my first online dynasty I've done on the website.  Back in the day with the MWCgamers group I tried to do it online/offline but that became too much.  So I was really excited when this feature was created by EA.

I joined a league already in its 5th year, chose Iowa.  Big Surprise.  But the Hawks were a bit bare on talent.  I had a few good players, but nothing really stellar.  The OL wasn't a strength.  The QB couldn't throw on the run and I really only had 3-4 decent defensive players.  Hello recruiting?  What I usually like to do in the game is throw and play D the first few years and then recruit good OL and a back and be a good ole fashioned Hawkeye team.  But a nice fast running back is great too!

My first year included a scare vs Rutgers, a beat down of Iowa State, an upset to Central Michigan and then shoot outs and close calls all Big Ten season long.  And yes, Iowa still owns Penn State!  Beat the #17 Nittany Lions by 3, 20-17.  In my games vs other humans, I lost to Cedarville (a made up team that was imported) and Texas.  Both blow outs, both team had superior talent to me.

I finished 7-5/5-3 and earned an Outback Bowl bid where I won my 2nd bowl, beating Tennessee.  I'm now on to offseason recruiting for the 2nd time.

Like I said earlier, this is a great feature in video games now, your not just playing 1 player, your playing multi-player everywhere!  What's next?  We'll see in NCAA '12.

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