Dinner and a Movie

So two nights ago my wife brought home No Strings Attached staring Ashton Kutcher and Natalie Portman.  I've looked for it a couple nights and wanted to sit down with her and watch it after the kids crashed.  Well she found it at a RedBox and we planned to watch it Tuesday night.  Put it in and it started out ok, outside of Ashton in a Michigan hoodie.  It was a different take on the romantic comedy "chick flicks".  By the middle it was just what I hoped it wouldn't turn too.  Getting jealous of the others "real" relationships while they were just sex buddies in the end they just end up with each other.  Yadda Yadda, same old chick flick. Glad it wasn't a theater visit, and only spent $1 on it.

1.5 Stars out of 5

Today I had what was probably the best lunch I've had in a long while during the work week.  I had banked some time and so I ran downtown on Ingersoll Avenue to the Manhattan Deli to get a Zach Johnson sandwich.  It's ham, hard salami, pepperoni, provolone and hot pepper cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, mayo and oil dressing on a hoagie. Johnson was a regular at the deli during his college years, and I know why.  The sandwich is damn good.  Also the salads they have there are a nice side!  I didn't have it this time but their cheese soup is really good too.  Also to top it off the brownies and cookies are awesome.  The ZJ is a huge sandwich, the macaroni salad and cookie all for under $10.  Lunch doesn't get much better than that!  And Masters Champion Zach Johnson agrees!  

I will put the Manhattan up against any chain restaurant out there!  

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