My Thursday

So yesterday was one of the busiest days I’ve had in a while.  Take out the morning of going to get my Honda that just had an ignition switch replaced and the 2 hours of work.  After I left work I went to Addyson’s field day. 

Field day was always one of my favorite things in Elementary.  We had it at the football field/baseball field in Garwin or the track in Green Mountain.  It was usually the last day of school too.  We did things like sack race, running races, softball throws and fun games like that.  And we actually got ribbons for 1st-2nd-3rd place!  No everybody’s a winner thing that is brought about now.

Addy’s field day was at Pete Crivario park.  When I got there they were shooting hoops.  Now Addy is about 3 feet tall on a good day.  Lil girl doesn’t have a lot of upper body strength, had a little trouble with the hoops BUT she never gave up! 

Next up was the sled race.  2 kids pulled another on a sled to a cone and back.  Addy got lucky, she was the one who got pulled both times.  Smart since she was the lightest.  After a play break they had the potato sack race. 

Addy’s group got lucky and had holes in their sack and could run if they wanted but most of them all tried to jump.

After that was her best event (that I saw), the egg race.  She had perfect form and balance while walking with the egg. 

The final event I saw was the tug-o-war, if you haven’t seen Kindergarteners play tug-o-war, it’s a good time and should be put on Las Vegas gambling boards! :)  Overall she had a great time and did really good and was really fun watching her.

After I left there I headed home for Roto-Rooter to come to our house.  We’ve been having some drain problems that I hope that eventually after they snaked it, will come through.  I have a few things that I’m going to do to help and hopefully this fixes it. 

While I was waiting for Roto-Rooter I did one of my least favorite chores, cleaning out the gutters, and this ties into another of my least favorite chores, leaves!  We have 6 trees that are on our property and that is a butt load of leaves, and a lot find their way to my gutter.  Usually have to clean out the gutter 3 times a year.  As expected it was pretty full and with a bunch of rain in the forecast I needed to get it done.  After cleaning out the gutters and shooting water in the downspout the water wasn’t flowing as it should.  One of the gutters goes down and wraps around the house.  I unscrewed the corner piece and it was completely clogged.  With water backed up as soon as I moved it a bit it flushed a good chunk out.  A few more shots of water flushed another big chunk out.  One of the biggest messes I’ve made in a while!  But worth it.  So half of the house was done. 

The rest of the day was picking up dog poo, mowing the yard, grilling some tasty pork chops and potatoes, getting the boy bathed and PJ’d and in bed and then add on dishes and a couple loads of laundry…in bed about 930…dang it was a busy day! 

Happy Memorial day everyone!  Stay safe!

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