Best and Worst of the Weekend - Let's Get Freaky!

BEST - Well not much happened this weekend, but it seemed to fly by.  The best is I'm going to say being a new contributor to the Des Moines Sports Freaks!  The site is dedicated to sports, national and here in Iowa.  Blake asked on twitter for people who would like to join and contribute for this, myself and about 5 others volunteered.  We'll see where it goes.  I'll most likely do my blogs about Best and Worst of the Weekend (Sports Related) and college football and high school sports.  What I love the most.  So I hope anyone who checks this out will check out the Des Moines Sports Freaks!

Sports wise, the Bulls won with a THUNDEROUS dunk from Taj Gibson.  See Below.  Speaking of Thunder, the NBA's new star Kevin Durant staved off the upstart Memphis Grizzlies and advanced to face the Dallas Mavericks in the Western conference finals.  Oklahoma City and Dallas, a new Red River Rivalry brewing?

WORST - Well the weather.  Rain and cooler temps.  Who likes that?  Rain is good, but it makes my yard muddy.  We stayed in too much in my opinion but the kids kept busy making pictures.  By the end of the weekend I wanted to get out.  Hopefully next weekend it warms up!

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