Who’s in your 5 - Sports Media Talent

In honor of the Sports Emmys that were awarded last night, I’m going to go with a Who’s in your 5, best Sports Media Talents right now!

5 – Chris Collinsworth – NBC Sports / Sunday Night Football – Had HUGE shoes to fill after Madden retired and has done it and has really succeeded.  Second best analyst in sports.

4 – Yahoo Sports Guys – Death to the BCS / Ohio State / Reggie Bush – No list would be complete without them.  They’ve broken more stories than any sports outlet in the past few years than ESPN and other BIG outlets combined.  Death to the BCS was a revelation on the dirty world of college bowls, and may have been a contributing factor to the Fiesta Bowl scandal.

3 – Dan Patrick – Dan Patrick Show / NBC Sports – Was getting stale at ESPN Radio, especially after Rob Dibble left, but with the new show and format has really rocketed to the top.  With NBC Sports, he still gets to do some highlights with Sunday Night Football and the Olympics.  And who doesn’t like the Dannettes! 

2 – Kirk Heribstreit – ESPN College Football – As Steve Deace and Jon Miller used to say on KXNO, he has the best job.  He’s the best analyst on the best show (College GameDay) and then also on College Football’s biggest stage (Saturday Night Football) he does a great job teaming with Brent Musburger

1 – Al Michaels.  NBC Sports / Sunday Night Football – The best, that’s it that’s the list.  To me Sunday Night Football has become the best broadcast of NFL games, and mostly because of Michaels. 

Honorable Mention – Scott Van Pelt – ESPN; Mike Tirico – ESPN; Chris Martin – Big Ten Network; Gus Johnson – CBS Sports/Big Ten; Verne Lundquist – CBS Sports; Bob Costas – NBC Sports, Mike Florio - Pro Football Talk/ESPN.

The Plunger – Worst
Colin Cowherd – ESPN Radio/ESPN – I think the ESPN thing has got to his head, he needs to take a step back and realize real life. Get away from Yankees-RedSox, USC, Florida, Dallas Cowboys.

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