O Silent Night

You may be asking (if you were in the Des Moines area) how in the hell was last night silent?  There was lightning crackling, thunder booming and rain against the windows, add in the destructive storms going on down south and you probably think I need to be drug tested.  But oh, yes it was a silent night!

For the second night in a row, Ryleigh, our now 13.5 week old, slept through the night.  Now I’m saying slept through the night with her sleeping till at least 5am.  Monday night she slept from 930-5am and then last night amidst all the storms she slept from 1030-530.  How sweet it is! 

She’s slept through the night one night at a time maybe 3-4 times previously in the past 13.5 weeks.  Of course that made Shawnna & I pop up out of bed waking up going to check on her.  Freaking out and asking if the other person fed her or not, then high fiving the relief that YES, maybe she’s going to start sleeping through the night. 

This week though has been a streak that will hopefully continue tonight!  Addyson slept through the night at around 2-3 months and since has been a great sleeper.  Brayden was the complete opposite.  He still doesn’t like going to sleep or having that feel of being alone.  Ryleigh I hope keeps up the trend as a girl that Addy set in her baby-hood. 

Unlike Ryleigh last night, I was up quite a bit.  The thunder did wake me up and Shawnna tossing and turning, and also the impending weather that has caused so many problems the past few days.  I do hope that tonight is another story, get fresh air into the house and hope sleep through another SILENT NIGHT!

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