127 Hours - True Grit

Last Night after the kids got to bed and I got most of the internet back to working and wired in the house again I put in 127 Hours.  Nominated for Best Picture it stars James Franco, who was also nominated for Best Actor, and basically a rock.  That’s it, it starred James Franco and a Rock.  It’s a true story about Aron Ralston who got his arm trapped by said rock and ended up cutting his arm off.  A lot of it is Franco thinking, maybe sometimes hallucinating, and day dreaming about the end of his life then in the last few hours he breaks his arm and cuts it off with a dull knife after other attempts to free himself didn’t work.  The movie has some pretty cool scenes and makes you want to go out and do those treks and just be free.  Then picks up in intensity and is crazy the last 35 minutes or so.  Saying it right here, I love sports, the athletes are amazing, but Aaron Ralston is the toughest guy in the world.  To cut your own arm off, one word…ONIONS.  He wasn’t ready to give up.  Definitely recommend the movie even its just for the last 35 minutes.

3 Stars / 5

One a side note, I haven’t seen the Kings Speech or Biutiful, saw True Grit, Social Network and now 127 Hours and I still think Jesse Eisenberg should have won the Best Actor.  Sorry Colin Firth, go back overseas.

Speaking of True Grit I should probably blog about this.  It was a true Western, and a remake.  Can you re-do The Duke?  No but Jeff Bridges did a great job and deserved the best actors nod.  It was funny seeing Matt Damon in a western after the Bourne Identity roles.  He and Josh Brolin both were great as was the little girl.  As for the movie, I just didn’t get into it as much as I thought I would.  I know I got into it more than I would the original.  I still say it’s worth a Redbox or Netflix pick.  

2.5 Stars / 5

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