Bam Bam!

My son is in his first year of Bam Bam.  Think TBall but with a huge PVC pipe and a big bouncy ball and the big red plastic bat.  Add in about 9-12 three and four year olds and you get mass choas!  3 innings of hitting and batting by each and their attention span is usually run down and ready for snacks.  The ultimate goal.  Just get through the games to get the juice and cookies.  Tonight was his 5th game of the year, 4th playing he missed one, and tomorrow night will be his final one.  I was able to sit in the stands tonight and hang out with everyone and just watch Bray play, which was nice and got some videos of him.  I hope to have a good picture of him soon for his baseball card!

Here is Brayden in action.



Like I said when the card is available I'll add it!  

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