Best and Worst of the Weekend – Moving Day

Well ok, not moving day for me, but as they say in golf, Saturday is moving day.  After a margarita and out to eat on Friday night, and a late night with the Big Ten Network, Saturday morning we went to the Downtown Farmers Market.  Got some cantaloupe, beans, lettuce, radishes and breakfast.  Found some other pretty cool little knick-knacks, some black and gold that may be in some ones future.

The rest of the day was spent helping friends move.  First Sammy and Erin in West Des Moines and finally Jeff & Darcey from Norwalk to Cumming.  Saturday ended up being a great day to do that too, great weather.  And let’s just say by the end of the day I was tuckered out…and well into Sunday too. 

Sunday spent most of the day low key.  Laundry, a few trips to Menards and Hy-Vee.  I tried to get a nap in but was woken up by kids, go figure. 

Ryleigh though was out like a light.  She tuckered herself out trying to roll over.  Sunday night I grilled some pork chops for supper, and ended the evening with some DQ  ice cream and watched the Mavs win the NBA Championship.  Great way to end the night. 

We really need to find a way to get every weekend to be 3-4 days!  Really only 2?  Who came up with that idea?

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