Just Go With It --- or not?

Last night I rented Just Go With It, the new movie out from Adam Sandler and Jennifer Anniston, and also SI swimsuit cover model Brooklyn Decker’s acting debut.  Was excited for the movie as I’ve heard that it wasn’t bad….and IMO Sandler’s had some bummers in the past few years, compared to what he had in the 90s.  The movie felt like it was a more the same story line from The Wedding Singer than anything else.  Through the first half of the movie I was thinking to myself “I’ve seen this story before.”  I felt the relationship with Sandler and Decker was rushed and I was asking “how’d they get there”  The movie wasn’t good until the scene where Dan Patrick comes in with the Hula Dance off between Nicole Kidman and Jennifer Anniston.  With that scene and the next 35 minutes the movie was enjoyable and funny. 

Until the end I didn’t like Nicole Kidman’s character.  Anniston is well Anniston, she’s cute and can pull off funny stuff.  Sandler I thought was just happy to have an SI cover model there in a bikini and Nick Swardson I just wanted to hit with a 2x4.  Brooklyn Decker looked like a rookie acting, but you see why she is a SI swimsuit cover model.  Dan Patrick was good in his role and so were the kids. 

Glad I only did a redbox here for it. 

1.5 Stars out of 5.

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