Father's Day

This coming weekend is Father's Day.  Now I'm not really that into the whole day off thing and getting gifts.  I have all that I need and really with 3 kids there is no day off.  One of my favorite things to do is to watch the last round of the US Open, but I know if it's nice out that I'll be out and about, what to do yet, I'm not sure.  I think I'll suggest taking them to a beach or something.  

But as for my dad, it's been kind of fun the past few years and his gifts. In 2008 Mom, Mike and I planned on getting Dad tickets to go to Old Yankee Stadium.  Something Mom and I dreamed up.  You can read about it all here.  The next year got him a framed picture and Yankees blanket.  This year, not sure yet.  But its been fun.  I know all these gifts can't ever and will never make up for everything my dad (and mom) has done for me and my family.  Love them, wish we lived closer to them though an hour isn't bad.  

All those Saturday's going to Iowa City, hitting the Amana's for breakfast before and then the game are some of my favorite memories with dad.

Another is Christmas 1984 instead of a big wheel from Santa (that came a year later) I got a tractor.  Dad pushed me around the old house.

And like I said, I'm a dad now, 2 girls and 1 boy.  Can't believe it. Below are some of my favorite photos with my dad.

Happy Father's Day everyone!


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