Best and Worst of the Weekend

So this weekend, again has come and gone too fast.  Friday was supposed to be spent in Gladbrook at the Corn Carnival but with Brayden not getting a green at preschool that changed those plans.  We ended up spending the night at home with Lemonade Mouth.  I wanted them to go to the parade and carnival with Grandma but had to put my foot down with Brayden.  Felt bad for Addyson.  Shawnna went out and had a 44 ounce margaritta, a 4 hour margarita.  She needs more nights out like that.

Saturday we went north to a friends house to have a bbq.  The weather looked like it might be a problem but it ended up being pretty nice out and we were able to get the kids outside some and play.  The kids had so much fun that Brayden didn't want to leave.

Sunday was a day that was kind of lazy.  Dishes, laundry, cleaning the house and hitting the Des Moines Arts Festival.  I didn't get the kids out enough to do what I wanted them too, but I've been just exhausted and having some back issues lately that I needed a day that was pretty well relaxing.  I kind of got it, and got some of it today.

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