Best and Worst of the Weekend - Father's Day

So the weekend started out pretty good.  Friday at work we had a picnic in the afternoon.  Got a bit fried but had a lot of fun.  We had team tournaments in ladder golf and bean bag.  My partner and I got upset in ladder golf in the quarterfinals on a crap toss.  In Bean Bag we had a tough region.  The defending champs were beat by a team that was in the Final Four last year.  We took them out, then go to play a girls team, who had a ringer.  She brought all 6 games and was draining them.  I had to try to even out her scoring.  We were down 10-3 early  but somehow came back to win 21-17, I tossed the 2 of the last 3 on to win.  The Championship came against the best team on the other half of the bracket.  Early we were down 7-0.  Slowly we fought back to 14-13.  They ended up going over 21 and got sent back to 13.  We tossed about 5 more times and it was 20-20.  I put 1 on ,they missed 4.  WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS!  Gotta find a championship belt now!

Friday night grilled out and had some Grainbelt Tallboys!  Saturday then kinda sucked.  I did get to sleep/lay in bed a little bit longer than usual but then the tummy was a little bit upset.  Though I did feel better by the time supper came and had some Winn's Pizza and wings.  They didn't last long. Then I tried to watch Hall Pass and ended up crashing so will have to try it again.

Sunday came and since Shawnna woke up early with Ryleigh, though it WAS Father's day I did let her sleep in.  About 845 we headed out to get some coffee ( that I messed up the order - dont ask ) and then got a couple bagles and doughnuts.  After breakfast I took the older kids fishing.

After breakfast I opened my gifts.  Addy made me a tie dye shirt at school.  Brayden a book mark that said "I love my daddy because he plays racetrack with me", and then the gift from the family was also a tie dye shirt, but the whole family had one too!  And even socks!  IN HAWKEYE COLORS!

After that we got some night crawlers and headed to Easter Lake.  About 20 minutes in we had our first fish, Brayden his first catch ever!  A little blue gill.  Addy didn't catch anything, but did see a fish jump about 2 feet outta the water.

Afterwards Brady napped, I did some decorating in my Hawkeye Room 2.0 and watched Rory McIlroy destroy the US Open.  And now after supper I'm here watching the Cubs and Yankees, too bad its not with my dad, though with it 7-4 Yankees he'd have more to say than I would.

Overall Good weekend!  Hope the week goes fast so I can have another good weekend!

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