Des Moines Eats

So Tuesday I had the afternoon off and spent it with my daughter as she didn’t have day care.  On the way home to be with her I decided to stop at the Manhattan Deli and get lunch.  Easy choice.  They are by far the best sandwich shop in town!  Quiznos, Subway & Jimmy Johns doubled and combined do not come close to competing with them!  I got what I always get there.  The Zach Johnson.  Named after former Drake golfer and Masters Champion Zach Johnson.  It is ham, hard salami, pepperoni, provolone, hot pepper cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, mayo and oil dressing on a hoagie bun.  Fantastic.  I’ll drive downtown and take extra lunch time just to get one.  Add in a cup of macaroni salad and a cookie and it’s a heck of a lunch!

In the evening I had to take Brayden to an eye appointment and Addy tagged along.  I told them if they were good we’d go to a special place for supper.  Brayden did great and his left eye is getting better, so we headed out for supper.  It was late and I didn’t want them to sit too long for supper.  Hit Mullets across the river from Principal Park.  Looking through the menu, and not just beer like last time, I got The Sandberg (named after former Cub and ICubs manager Ryne Sandberg).  It is a poboy – a Polish sausage stuffed with Swiss cheese, wrapped in bacon, fried and then topped with grilled onions and peppers, BBQ sauce, chili, cheddar jack and cream cheese.  Also came with a French Fried Medley of Fries, Curly Fries and sweet potato tator tots.  Needless to say it was great too.

As you can see I had a very filling day of food!  What is great is that these are local business, not branch.  If you know me I hate chains.  And they are also downtown Des Moines.  Even better.  Get me out of the commercial characterless West Des Moines.  I love how we have great original food options downtown and in Des Moines.  If your downtown, stay downtown and eat at a couple great places!

One cool thing was on the way from eye doctor to Mullets was we saw a rainbow.  A big full rainbow.  Addyson was so excited she nearly jumped out of the car seat shouting “Dad a rainbow!  And it ends over there!  That’s where the pot of gold is!”  This shot shows the location of the pot of gold…who would have known?  Pizza Hut had it?


  1. Ha! Who knew Pizza Hut was so lucky?? I've not had Manhattan Deli...yet. he he
    But french fry medley is my FAVORITE!! Love the Mullets. :)

  2. Manhattan Deli is really good!