Coed Softball Update

So last week there was no update.  I made it to Pickard Park for the 2nd game but it was cancelled due to the field conditions.  So we just practiced and laughed and had a good time.

This week we had 2 games on the rock field.  Early too so we were going to get them all in.  I brought Brayden along with me this week and he hung out with 2 other boys and in the dug out with our team.  He had a great time.  I was going to leave half way through the second game, but an injury had me and Bray staying the whole game.  He was out cold a minute or so after getting in to bed.  Was proud of him, he was a good boy tonight.

As for the games, we played PB Slammers and Westview.  We got up on them early.  Not by my help.  I popped up the first 2 at bats.  The pitches dropped as I connected and hit a foul pop up to 1st and then to the pitcher.  My third at bat was a line shot back to the pitcher.  The final at bat came in the final inning.  Down 6-5 had 2 guys on 2nd and 3rd, time for redemption.  First pitch was inside...next pitch I hit it pretty solid, but dont get it at swung through with the bat at the right moment.  A deep pop out to right center.  Game - Set - Match.  Reminded me a little of my Little League Lookback.  Ended game one 0-4.  I did have a couple catches in center though.

Game 2 was against WestView.  I played 3b this game.  Was planning on only playing a couple innings then heading out but in the 2nd they had a guy get hurt and one of our subs went to play for them.  As for the game.  I had a couple nice plays at third and pegged out the runners.  I did come up with one bad toss but wasn't going to get the runner anyway.  Also had a line shot to me. Batting I went 2-2 with a walk, an RBI and 2 runs.  SHould have been 3 but on the walk, I tagged up from third and ran home, slid and touched home.  I watched the ball bounce into the catchers glove as I was at home.  Was called out.  Sat up and asked the ump.."really?  I was out?  Didn't beat it?"  He said that "well from my view it looked as if you were out"  So he wasn't sure and doesnt the tie (i beat it) go to the runner?  Well we won,13-6 and I batted better. Need more reps.  Not as much as last year but doing more kids stuff.

Had a great time with Brady there.  The team loved him and so did the other teams.  Thursday Nights are definitely my favorite because of our team!  See ya next week.

The 0-7 slump hurt a bit....

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