The Tooth Fairy Made Me Smile Today

This morning showed me one of the great moments of being a parent again.  Take away all the temper tantrums, the fights the not listening, today was all worth it.  Last night my daughter lost her 3rd tooth and was excited to put it under her pillow/in her room last night.  Started off rough as we couldn’t find her little tooth bag she would put her tooth in.  We eventually gave up and agreed that 1) Addyson has too much stuff in her room and it needs cleaned out and 2)we were just going to use a little bag she made at a friend’s birthday party and hang it on her doorknob instead of putting it under the pillow.  You know to make it easier for the tooth fairy.

As we left Addy asked, “what’s the tooth fairy look like?”  Of course our response was “we don’t know, we’ve never seen her” and I added in “she’s a fast little bugger and is like a blur.”  Told Addy that I’m pretty sure she doesn’t look like the Rock, more so like Tinkerbell.  Pretty much ended that conversation.  Gave her a hug and sent her on to dream land. 

This morning came with a lot of taps of the snooze button and stumbling downstairs to the wake up the kids so they could get ready for school.  I hoped in the shower and after a few minutes I hear loud footsteps.  Look out and Addy is running up the stairs.  Totally forgetting about the Tooth Fairy I go back to finishing my shower thinking she ran up to ask mom what it was going to be like today.  A few seconds later the feet are coming down the stairs and into the bathroom shouting “DAD!  DAD!  DAD! The tooth fairy came!  The tooth fairy came!”  After I remembered last night I peeked out and the smile on her face holding up the $2 was priceless!  I asked her what she got and her response “2 Dollars!  I’m going to put in my piggy bank”  all still with that huge smile on her face.

Those moments make being a dad the greatest feeling in the world.  Bar none.  Better than any gift that could be bought or anything.  I wish I could have had a camera to take a picture of my lil princess, at least I have it stored away in my mind and can come back to it when she’s a teenager and all grown up.


  1. Awww love it!! What a sweetie. You're a good daddy :)

  2. $2 per tooth!? When I was a kid we got a quarter. That's inflation for you