Best and Worst of the Weekend – 15 year reunion

Best – So the weekend was pretty good on a whole.  Friday we didn’t do to much as I knew that Saturday was going to be a long day with things packed back to back to back.  Had all 3 kids out cold by 9pm! 

Saturday was a flurry.  Brayden had his end of year program with Lil Scholars preschool.  He was up on stage singing (and sometimes just standing) but he did a good job.  When he went up to get his certificate I let out a “way to go brady!” and he stopped on stage to look back not knowing where I was.  Was kind of funny.  Then we had to rush him out and get him to his Bam Bam game.  He had already been up for a while being the first one up, so this was an adventure.  He was getting to the point of being tired and crabby and just ornery.  He didn’t want to play and was hungry and more interested in the rocks and dirt.  Not to mention it was kind of warm too.  He got through about an inning and a half before tapping out.  He didn’t want to run past 1st his second at bat. 

After that it was home and pack for Garwin.  I had my 15 year reunion on Saturday.  Can’t believe it’s been 15 years since we graduated.  We had about 12 of our class of 35 there.  I think we had more kids there than classmates.  But it was fun.  I’ve seen a few people since then with just running around Des Moines, and softball and stuff.  Others I hadn’t seen in a while.  Was really good to catch up with them and see them again.  Also loved being back in Garwin and at the park we just let the kids run and play.  Can’t do that here in Des Moines so much, so I loved just giving them that freedom.  They did pretty good too.  Afterwards drove around town and saw the new school addition, that looks really nice.  Then we drove around to see both the old houses and grandma’s old house.  Was kind of nostalgic and fun.  Loved growing up there! 

Saturday night we went to drive to see dad in Marshalltown then.  Mom was gone in Memphis all week so thought he needed a visitor.  He was sleeping when we got there, no surprise.  The kids ate a brownie there and we left some with dad.   Brayden wanted to stay with grandpa, probably will get them there some weekend so he can play with grandpa.  On the way home the kids were out cold, and took a bit to wake them up to get them in the house. 

Sunday I told the kids I’d make them pancakes and then get them outside and doing stuff in the morning before it got hot.  We hit Columbus Park to swing a bit and then one of their favorites, the sculpture park.  They just ran.  Addy I think may be a good little runner.  She was moving pretty good.  Brayden will get there, he just needs a little more time to get longer legs to keep up with Addy.  After that we went to Pete Crivario Park and the wading pool.  The kids and I were there 2 hours playing.  They loved the water, played with other kids and ate lunch.  Were pretty good there.  Brayden then CRASHED big time!  It was nice.  I got about a 30 min nap in.  Not long enough.  The rest of the day was keeping cool, grilling and watching X-Men.

Worst – one little accident Brayden had at the wading pool.  I’ll keep it at that. :)

On tap – I hope to get to see XMen First Class sometime this week.  Also 2 more bam bam games and also 2 softball games.  So a busy week!

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