Be cautious at what you ask for….

And now most games in college football mean absolutely nothing.

Yes you read that right.  The new system the commissioners created just made most games meaningless.  There will be arguments saying that the playoff is better than the BCS, and the “thought” of the playoff is great!  It’s better than having the Coaches and Harris poll in the title system.  But this is just as bad and will cause as much trouble as the BCS did. 

If the commissioners agreed to have conference champions ONLY this would have been perfect.  5 teams, 5 conference champions (sorry Big East).  Have the Big XII add 2 more schools and a title game and its essentially a 10 team tournament.  You’d have 60 teams battling it out.  That way you put more emphasis on the conference championship, the division title and championship game.  Oh and the rest of each teams college season. 

Now you’re going to have it cut down to about 15 with 1/3rd coming from the SEC.  Sorry but it is.  How is that good?  The ACC pretty much has no games of meaning now. 

This is what the protection of the Rose Bowl by the Pac-12 and Big Ten did.  They could have fought hard for the conference champions only but wanted to also keep the Rose Bowl.  Give a lot, take a little?  They could have fought for on campus sites games that would have benefitted an economy in Columbus or Ann Arbor or Tallahassee.  Nope, let’s throw more money in to the bowls. 

And what did the Big Ten get; basically a guarantee that the conference champion will be in Pasadena New Year’s Day.  The last Big Ten school that would have made a case at being in the Final Four?  Ohio State the year LSU beat them in 2007?  5 years ago.  The SEC would have 2 most of those years.  In 2010 when the Big Ten had two teams at 11-1 and one at 10-2, no post season.  So as much as I love the Big Ten and the Rose Bowl, fans get ready because you’ll be sitting in the Rose Bowl more often than not. 

SEC schools, Alabama, LSU, Florida and Georgia….get used to seeing 2 of those schools YEARLY in the playoffs and probably a Big XII school and Oregon. 

This system is better than the BCS with the computers and coaches, but it’s really just a band aid on a broken system that will still funnel money into the bowls.

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