This Means War

Last night with nothing on TV (as it will be in the summer mostly due to reruns) I rented This Means War starring Reese Witherspoon (top 5 worthy!), Chris Pine and Tom Hardy.  Yes it is a chick flick but it also has some action around it that helps. 
Classic story of a girl getting in the way of 2 guys.  Both are trying to get her in different fashions.  Pine is more of a player and Hardy more of the nice guy.  The interactions and involvement of the CIA are kind of funny where they two try to sabotage each other.  Chelsea Handler provides some more comic relief but the 2 guys play well off each other too. 
It was a different “chick flick” and had some good laughs.  Kind of expected/predicted the ending which wasn’t bad.  It’s worth a rent.
5/10 Stars

***Note --- I am switching from Flixster to IMDB for my ratings on movies and will include a side bar (if possible) on my blog of my top rankings and lists.  IMDB also uses 10 stars instead of 5 like Flixster so I will have to double my ratings points from Flixster.***

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