Red Tails

This week I watched Red Tails, George Lucas's last major motion picture.  It's about the Tuskegee Airmen in World War II. 

The movies that take a look at the history of the world I think are pretty cool, and imagine what it would be like in those days.  War was different, it was fought very close and on front lines.  With that the planes and pilots actually had dog fights rather than being picked up on radar miles out.  Part of me wonders how much adrenaline would run through ones body in that situation.  

On to the movie, as a Star Wars fan I saw a lot of similarities with the battles and comparing the P51s to the XWings and the destruction they did.  Luke's call sign in Star Wars was Red 5, the call signs the main group of pilots were Red 1-4; you never heard Red 5 though.  

I could have done with out the love scene in the movie, but really liked the comrodity with the pilots and the flight scenes where cool.  Seemed like a Howard Hughes type set up too.  

5/10 Stars

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