Best and Worst of the Weekend

The weekend was ok, and as always it went to fast.  The weekend had a few things going on for the 2 old kids.  Ryleigh was just along for the ride mostly, but her time will come.  Friday Addyson had a rehearsal for her dance recital so she was gone doing that while Bray and Ry and I were home watching Ninjago.
Saturday came and in the morning Bray had his end of the year preschool program.  It was the 4th straight one I’ve been too (and I calculated it will be 7 straight).  Bray got up there and sang a few songs and then got his certificate.  Afterwards he wanted pancakes for lunch so that’s what he got.
Saturday night Addy had her recital.  She was doing cheernastics at Superstars and really likes it.  Her group did a routine and she was lifted up on someone’s shoulders and did the splits and did some perfect summersaults.  She was really cute too up there in her outfit.  Was really proud of her.  She  wants to do baton now.  Hmmm we’ll see how that goes.
Sunday was my last day coaching Addy’s soccer team.  She’s decided not to play in the fall so I won’t be coaching.  When I told the team that there were a few upset faces.  One girl who was sad hugged and held on to me.  Really the kids have been great and they will be really good if they continue to move on and play other sports, and a couple of them really have a great  future ahead in soccer.  We had a good day, it was gorgeous out and Addy got in there and played hard.  When she has her head in the game she can do some things there.  After the game ended we went to Baskin Robins and had an end of season treat of Daiquiri Ice, just me and her.
The rest of the day was grilling, dishes and relaxing and Money Ball. 
Also this past week and this weekend I’ve committed myself to work out more.  My ankle is feeling better and running on it isn’t as bad.  I did miss dam to dam this year and may for the next few years due to preschool end of year programs.  But the hurt from working out felt good!  I’m going to try to go every other day to the Y and then the other days do free weights at home.  Been going good so far.
The work weekends for me Monday at 420 and then the invasion(vacation) to Wisconsin begins Tuesday. 
No 6 pack this week but next week I’ll have a vaca recap and a 6 pack will be back and then its inching ever so close to FOOTBALL!

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