Father’s Day Weekend 6Pack

Happy Father’s Day to all Dad’s out there, some words from the great Payne Stewart immediately after dropping a 15 foot putt to beat Phil Mickelson Payne went over to Phil, took his face in his hands and told him “what you are about to experience is much more important than what you lost today”  The next day Phil became a dad for the first time.  Be safe, have fun, Happy Father’s day and enjoy the NBA Finals and US Open!    

1-The NBA Finals start Tuesday.  Heat - Thunder....who wins in how many games?
Matt – I’m going to go with Thunder in 6
Wendt – Thunder in 6
Painter – The Thunder just beat a team that had the momentum, I'll take them in 6
BlakeThunder in 6
Majors – I'm looking forward to this series. I have the Thunder in 6. I think they have more ammunition as a team, as well as play more as a team in general

2-Rafael Nadal became the first man to win the French Open 7 times...this is a big deal, would it be bigger if it was an American?
Matt – If he was an American he’d be herald as a tennis God.  He is a great player and will be probably a top 10 all time male player.  But until Andy Roddick or some other American can go on a run like him, it’s a niche sport here.
Wendt – Yes, it would be everywhere if he was USA born and raised but since it's not nobody outside of tennis cares
Painter – Sure it's a big deal for tennis.  That's like someone winning the Masters 7 times
BlakeIt pains me that so many sports are virtually gone from American dominance.  Tennis is fading fast in America, but this is a huge deal.  I'm not sure Nadal will ever catch Federer for career Grand Slam wins though, because he seems to be a bit fragile.
Majors – It's cool and all, I am just not a huge tennis guy. I definitely respect him, he is unbeatable on the clay

3-Manny Pacquio was essentially robbed in his fight with Timothy Bradley Saturday night.  Some are saying this is what boxing needs to get back?  Do you think this will get boxing back?
Matt – Controversy won’t bring fans back, but it does get it discussed in front of MLB and NFL and the NBA for a bit.  What is odd is they have a rematch date and posters already set?  Kind of has a Vince McMahon feel to it. Boxing has to many governing bodies and needs 1 belt for each weight class not 3-4 belts.
Wendt – Manny vs Floyd could help bring boxing back but it'll never happen
Painter – This is a step in the right direction but it needs more.  A unified championship system, heroes and villains, more frequent fights, and less pay-per-view would help.  Boxing could really learn something from the professional wrestling world.
BlakeNo.  An official world wide governing body is the only thing that can bring boxing back.  That and another Rocky comeback
Majors – Nope. Bob Arum is the manager for both Bradley & Pac Man. He even admitted he will make a ton of money in the rematch. Then he followed that with a cough, it was a strange decision, cough. Boxing is so flippin dirty, I don't even bother anymore. Plus they essentially have 37 belts for each weight class. Even Vince McMahon laughs when boxing says it isn't set up. I feel bad for the boxers, though, they may make a ton of money, but it is fake

4-We did this with Iowa...now to be fair,the Cyclones.  In the past 11 years what are the top Cyclone wins on the gridiron?
Matt – 2011 vs #2 Oklahoma State – the biggest Paul Rhodes win.  2009 at Nebraska – they had no business beating Suh and the Huskers that day.  2005 vs #8 Iowa – Danny Mac shocked the top 10 Hawks again.
Wendt – 2009 at Nebraska, 2010 at Texas, 2011 vs Oklahoma State
Painter – Okie St last year, at Texas and at Nebraska, and to them any time they beat Iowa
BlakeIowa State over Oklahoma State last year.  End of list
Majors – Ummm, I believe it would have to be the game where they beat the Sisters of the Traveling Pants of North Central State College of the Blind.  Ok, ok. I definitely don't think they can count the OK St game last year. It was too much emotion on the day for the Cowboys. Guess I am really not sure

5-The US Open tees up this week....who is your pick to win it? (history lesson - Majors did call Bubba at the Masters)
Matt – I’m going to go with my initial Masters pick, Dustin Johnson.  I hope it’s a different Johnson winning though!  Go Zach!
Wendt – Give me Luke Donald
Painter – Jason Dufner has had the hot hand this year, I'll take him
BlakeFor some reason I feel this is the one where Tiger gets a little closer to Jack.
Majors – Yeah, would love to call the local boy again, but can't go to the well too much. I think I am going to go with Luke Donald. I think Tiger could do something, if he keeps his head straight. I am not saying he is back, but he definitely had some mojo last weekend

6-The Pirates have won 12-15 and are in a tie for first in the NL Central with the Reds, they were hot last year too...is this the year Pittsburgh gets post season baseball back?
Matt – I really hope they make a run, I like McCutchen a lot!  I’m going to say yes they make it over the Reds. 
Wendt – Nope, Reds and Cardinals will rise to the top before it's all over and Pitt will probably be a 4th place team
Painter – Um, nope, although the NL Central isn't very good at all this year
BlakeUm...the central is open this year for the taking this year.  But I still don't see it.  Red should win.
Majors – They are a solid young team. They quit trading away their prosects, too. i think they could do it this year. The Phillies got old, QUICK! (For the record, Cliff Lee is killing my fantasy team, still ZERO wins this season)

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