Wisconsin Dells

So the vacation is done and my pto days are almost over.  I'm spending my last day off home with Ryleigh.  She goes back to daycare tomorrow after a 2 week hiatus.

As for the vacation.  It was definitely fun to get a way and it was just about the right amount of time.  The trip started out Tuesday mid day with the kids and lunchables in the van.  Surprise stops in Marshalltown to see grandma and Conrad to see Grandpa were kind of impromptu.  After that it was on to Dyersville and the Field of Dreams.  

When we got there it wasn't as it was in the movies, in a few months though it will be.  The corn was about 6 inches high.  But still it was the Field of Dreams.  The kids ran the bases and there were a couple softballs there they were playing with.  The trip there ended with a trip, Brayden, skinned up a knee and had some blood and blood wrenching screams and with that the trip to the Field of Dreams was done and it was on to Dubuque.  When Brayden gets older I'm going to have to take him there for a catch.  

In Dubuque we ate at the Dubuque Mining Co.  Burgers were really good. After that headed down toward the Mississippi River and the river walk.  The kids loved it, they walked all over there.  Ryleigh especially since she was all tied up in her car seat a lot and really doesn't have a DS or leapster to play with.  It's a great view on the river and where we were looking across we saw Illinois and Wisconsin.  Breakfast at the hotel was pretty good and prompted Addy to compliment the chef on their scrambled eggs. Next was a drive to Wisconsin.

We couldn't check in to the hotel/water park till 4 so instead of driving straight to the Dells we hit Madison.  Little did I remember it was the day after the huge recall election and when I pulled up right by the capital the CNN Express was there and I swear news cameras on every corner.  For lunch we stopped at The Old Fashioned.  Great cheese curds, really good and maybe some of the best I've had.  After lunch in Madison I had to check out Camp Randall Stadium.  It took a little bit to get there with construction.  It was a cool looking stadium on the outside and I'm sure looks great on the inside.  I wanna get to a game there.  Also happened to just walk by Barry Alvarez when I was leaving, and I was in full on black and gold!  After that it was on to the Dells.

Upon arriving the kids wanted to hit the water park.  When driving up to the Wilderness Hotel all you saw were green tubes and brown buildings.  Checked in and within 2 minutes of being in the hotel room the kids where in swim suits.  The park was broken up into like 3 major parks.  2 of them had indoor/outdoor parts and one completely outdoor.  The biggest one also had a water dome with a wave pool.  I wont get into every day there because it was pretty much the same.  The kids loved the water parks.  The wave pool was fun and they jumped the waves and rode the waves.  Most of the big slides they were too small to go down so we went down with them in the double tubes.  Ryleigh was too small for a lot of them, but she did enjoy the lazy river.  It was 3 or so days of water parks, slides, big waves and a few drinks.  

The Tanger Outlet mall there was a really cool wilderness type set up.  Had my first Dunkin Donuts experience.  Brayden got a picture with the Belmont Cow.  Addy is showing she is growing up and closer to a teenager than I want.  And Ryleigh just had fun a bunch as long as she was out of the car seat.    

Overall the trip was pretty good.  The 3 water parks were pretty much the same.  The room was nice.  The one thing I didn't care for was that the prices were jacked up and if I would have looked more closely around I could have saved some cash, and next time I will but it was a good trip, but glad to be back home and have Hayden back home as of today too.  

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