Friday 6 Pack

1-Some guy named Webb Simpson won the US Open at +1 at the Olympic Club, did you enjoy watching the course destroy the pros?
Matt – The USGA seems to think they want to bring the golfers down, but I’m not sure that’s what fans want to see.  I like to see great golf shots not just long drives but they made it a little tougher then it needed to be.  Holes 1-6 just didn’t seem fair to the pros, I’d hate to see what they’d do to me as a golfer.
Wendt – I am not a big fan of -15 winning a tournament but watching a golf course completely destroy golfers is not good TV
Blake – Not particularly.  I don't enjoy watching golf the way I play it.  I want them to be good!
Majors – Yeah, it was kinda cool. Since my pick didn't make the cut, I guess I can take a mulligan on that one, right?
2-Dale Jr ended a 4 year streak winning at Michigan this weekend; Tiger Woods has won 2 golf tournaments this year....who is more back Dale Jr or Tiger?
Matt – 2000 Tiger will never be back.  The Olympic I don’t think set up the way Tiger plays for him to win, that being said he was in it going into the weekend.  He’ll win tournaments and I think another major or 2.  Dale Jr was due and he’s been so close this year.  I think he’s finished every lap of the year so far and all the races I saw he’s always in the Top 10.  I think he has a better team around him and car and think he’s more back than Tiger.
Wendt – Neither. One race or one tournament doesn't=being back. Neither will ever be as good as they were (but is anyone?)
Blake – Dale Jr. has never been as dominate in his respective sport as Tiger was, so not sure there's a correct answer here.  Both their sports need those guys to be competitive and get some wins.
Majors – I think Tiger will start being more consistent, but with so much young talent, the days of him winning everything under the sun are probably gone. As for Dale, I guess if you turn left over & over enough times, you find Victory Lane
3-Paul Rhodes broke out the handle bars this past week...better look for him, full beard, shaved or the bars?
Matt – The handle bars are nice…he’s got a little Hulk Hogan going on.  I liked on soundoff what Murphy said, if he keeps they handlebars into the season they are worth 3 points every game.
Wendt – I'm a little uncomfortable talking about another man's facial hair
Blake – I cannot believe the amount of coverage this got.  I guess either clean shaven or the beard
Majors – Bars, Fu, whatever you call it, they are awesome
4-ESPN is calling Lebron "The Closer" now after games 2 and 3 (Heat are up 2-1 as I write this), is he a closer now?
Matt – LeBron isn’ the closer.  He’s probably the best player (argue with Durant) on the court.  The Heat has figured out the last 2 games how to score, take it to the hole!  MJ is the best closer in the NBA’s history but last I saw Marino is the Closer.
Wendt – The media does an awesome job of over analyzing big events. The simple answer is no
Blake – He's been amazingly dominate in the playoffs.  He's finally made The Leap and understands what it takes to win in the Finals.  It's been amazing to watch...and I don't even like the guy.
Majors – Eh, the media being the media. if he misses the game winning shot in Game 4, he will be back to being a choker in the eyes of the Mother Ship. The dude is a stud, that is all that matters
5-Lance Armstrong is being accused of doping....again.  How many times can one guys piss be tested and will this be the time something sticks?  If something is found will your view of Lance change?
Matt – Nothing will stick, it hasn’t yet.  BUT if he is caught I’m not going to think any different.  It’s a sport where EVERYONE cheated!  Part of me thinks that this guy can’t be clean and beating enhanced guys for 7 years in a row?  So I won’t be shocked.
Wendt – Can I be honest for a second? I really don't care if he did or didn't cheat. Cycling is just as corrupt as boxing
Blake – This will ultimately go the way of Roger Clemons and Barry Bonds.  It will become common public opinion that he was dirty...and no one will care.  His accomplishments on the bike have allowed him to do great and wonderful things for society, and ultimately, that's more worth while than any race in France.  
Majors – Biking is a dirty sport, across the board. I bike pretty heavily, so follow it more than most. I don't think much will change in my eyes, IMO. I am so glad our Government is spending all of this money on the investigations of atheltes & doping, Clemens, McGwire, Bonds, Armstrong, since these are the most pressing issues facing our Country at the moment. {sarcasm}
6-Adam Sandler's "That's My Boy" opened to a disappointing 13 million this weekend.  He hasn't had a great movie since Big Daddy?  Should the Sandman take some time off?
Matt – I think that Sandler needs to make some changes.  He has the same crew in most of his movies so it seems like the same movie in a way.  And he’s picked a bad time to release a movie with Madagascar 3 out, Prometheus and blockbuster Avengers still bringing in almost the same amount now a month and a half since release. 
Wendt – I really liked Grownups, Just Go With It and Jack and Jill. I don't think he needs to go away and with the money studios will throw at him he won't. 70 million was a pretty large budget for "That's My Boy" though.
Blake – His schtick is older than Jamie Moyer.  He's actually pretty good in drama's, so maybe he should look at doing more of those for a while.
Majors – I like Sandler, it just seems like his movies are the same. I was interested in seeing this one, but to pay 40-50 bucks? Ehhhh, not so sure. That's alot of coin!  {for the record, saw Avengers yesterday...THAT movie was worth it}

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