John Carter

Last night I finished watching John Carter; Disney’s supposed ‘flop’ that cost an executive his job.

First off I hate critics who actually throw stuff out on films and expect you the viewer to think the same; they said this movie was bad.  I actually enjoyed it and would watch it again.  The movie had a Star Wars, He-Man, Star Trek and Flash Gordon type feel to it.  The graphics and the cgi in the movie were great, and I thought Tim Riggins…I mean Taylor Kitsch did a good job as John Carter.  He did look a little pale though, tan him up a bit.  The chick too was smoking HOT but couldn’t understand the accent as well. 

So don’t believe what the critics say, it’s a good fun film that I’d rent again and watch with my boy.  I hope they make the sequel to this.

6/10 Stars

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