2010 - Week 3 Big Ten Awards

And he's off again.  In my predictions I put PS3's (aka Denard Robinson) over all yardage vs UMass at 365 and well I was pretty close.  He put up 345 yards (241 passing and 104 rushing), but like a few teams in the Big Ten this week, the Wolverines had to hold off a MinuteMen comeback and won 42-37.  

Then there is Wisconsin.  A lower level Pac-10 team in Arizona State came in to Camp Randall and was a yard and or a blocked PAT from upsetting and sending the game into the game. 

I almost put this on my predictions blog.  Upset Alert on the Illini.  Playing little brother Northern Illinois I thought the Huskies would give the Illini a heck of a game and I was right.  Illinois had to hold off NIU in the 4th to hold on to the win.

Minnesota moved up a level in competition, hosting USC and for a few minutes lead a couple times over the Trojans, in the end though USC pulled away for a 11 pt win.  Penn State destroyed Kent State.  The Ohio State University beat Ohio U bad.  Purdue got past Ball State and Indiana is 2-0 for the 7th year in a row after beating Western Kentucky.

And now if you stayed up late. Michigan State sent Notre Dame to 1-2 in the Big Ten on the ballsiest play of the day.  Down 31-28 in overtime, Mark Dantonio called for a fake FG, a play called "Little Giants" and 27 yards later, Michigan State wins.

Then in the Desert, even before ESPN could broadcast the game, Arizona was up 14-0 after a blocked punt and a pick 6.  Iowa cut it to 14-7 then 100 yards later on a kick return it was back to 21-7.  Iowa was down as much as 27-7 and cut back with plays from McNutt and a DL's dream of a pick 6.  Nick Foles drove Arizona to a TD with around 3-4 minutes left, then sacked Iowa 4 straight plays.

Helmet Sticker - Should we just give him the WoodyBoyFry Big Ten Player of the Year Award?  That may be fast forwarding a bit to much but Denard Robinson is a freak on the field.  He threw his first pick but is still putting up FREAKY numbers.

Team of the Week
- Yea they played Ohio but Ohio State did what you need to do.  Go up 34-0 at half, get out of the game unscathed.  Get the backups some playing time.  Good week for the Buckeyes.

Game of the Week - Michigan State 34 - Notre Dame 31 - Prime Time at Spartan Stadium seems to be a good place for great finishes (see Iowa/MSU 2009).  The game went back and fourth, with the Irish going up 28-21, the Spartans then tie it to send it to OT.  After a Irish FG, Dantonio had the intestinal fortitude to call a fake fg from 27 yards out.  The Spartans might now find themselves ranked or closer now.  

Highlight of the Week 

10-1 on my Picks for Week 3  30-2 on the year.  Not to bad of a run so far.  

Next week is a Rake Your Lawn Saturday in the Big Ten.  I'm not even going to attempt to pick a Game of the Week.  Like this week, next week should be a good week for the Big Ten before conference play begins on October 2nd.

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