Denard Robinson = PS3

I’m not a Michigan fan, in fact I don’t like them.  But I respect the maize and blue and the winged helmets, and ‘Hail to the Victors’.  I'm not a fan of RichRod, but what I am a fan of is watching football and studs on the field.  

Exhibit 1, well how bout exhibit 16, Denard Robinson.  Dude had 500 yards of total offense HIMSELF.  That’s more yards than any top 25 team put up this week.  And he’s not doing it vs. Tennessee Tech of Mount Saint Pleasant of Western Illinois.  He’s doing this against Connecticut and Notre Dame.  Two teams that should be in bowl games this year.  

The dude’s a stud, but he needs a better nickname then Shoelace.  When I hear that I think of Shoeless Joe Jackson.  So Just Talking To Myself is promoting a new nickname for Denard.  PS3.  Dude puts up video game like numbers, he’s an X and Y button the field.  So Michigan fans I’m looking at you.  Denard Robinson = PS3


  1. Did you honestly just refer to a guy as a STUD???? Is there something you're keeping from us Matt???

  2. Have you seen him play? He's putting up more yards by himself then some all the teams in the AP top 25. He's a walking xbox game. Ok, running xbox game.