MacGruber and Disney on Ice

Wow, this movie is BAD.  It really got made?  Crude and vulgar humor I can take some, but this is like the worst movie I've seen this year.  The skit on Saturday Night live is dumb and stupid but funny.  The movie is terrible.  Please don't go rent it.

It is as bad as The Dukes of Hazzard movie, that movie sucked and should never be brought up in the same breath as the show. This same as with this movie with the skit.  Really, what was SNL thinking?  There are a few moments that made me laugh but it was like insanely stupid and vulgar.  And the sex scene, really didn't need it.

So every Thanksgiving, Disney on Ice has come to Des Moines, either Veteran's Memorial Auditorium or Wells Fargo Arena, for as long as I can remember.  Well my daughter has gone to the last 2, I've never gone, she's gone with her mom.  They have been more Princess related.  Well this year, its more Mickey and a few other stories.  Lion King, Lilo and I think Ariel.  So this year I think is going to be the first year my son goes and I'm going with him.  Wish me luck!

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