GFR Rankings - October 2nd

I've said it before and will say it again, quoting Ric Flair, To be the man, WOOOO, you gotta beat the man.  And well Florida, you ain't the man.  The Crimson Tide is Da Man in the SEC and in the nation.  They right now are by for the best team in college football and in the GFR.  The Gators looked over rated and over matched.  Tide Rolled. 

Then there's the Oregon Ducks.  Stanford was the talk of the town with Andrew Luck and the beat down the just put on Notre Dame in South Bend.  Oregon in the meantime was blowing up scoreboards.  In the first quarter the Ducks spotted the Cardinal a 21-3 lead, prompting premature tweets (by me and I think a lot of folks) at the new dominance out west.  Well the man wasn't beat.  Oregon outscored Stanford 49-10 the rest of the way.  That's not a miss print.  49-10.  

So if you want to be the man, remember the words of the Nature Boy, To be the man, WOOOO!  You have to Beat the man.

This weeks rankings.
#1 - Alabama
#2 - TCU
#3 - Arizona
#4 - Oklahoma State
#5 - Missouri
#6 - Oregon
#7 - Oklahoma
#8 - Boise State
#9 - LSU
#10 - Nebraska

Remember the rankings are fluid, after each game the rankings change and affects multiple teams.  Boise State was #46 4 weeks ago and has bounced in and out of the top 10 since then.  

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