BEST – Actually was a good fun weekend, until the last few hours of it. Friday went out to eat in a small town restaurant that reminded me of my hometown and going to other small town restaurants. Great food too! Saturday the Hawks won! Then went to a wedding for a couple of softball buds, and well Mark and I got shots going and yea, it was good. Then Sunday was my son’s 3rd birthday. Can’t believe he is 3. Was so much fun watching him open the presents. The best was his birthday card that sang “You got a friend in me” from Toy Story. He loves Buzz & Woody and still this morning was going around with his card. I did have a little fun with his Buzz Lightyear toy and making him do the “Matt Roth Salute!”

WORST – About the time everyone started to leave the birthday party yesterday I started not feeling well. Started to get a cold or something and couldn’t stop sneezing. So I ended up crashing early about 830 and slept great till about 630 when I had to get up. I feel a lot better this morning, but it didn’t feel so great last night. And I’m a little behind on my GFR and Big Ten Awards posts, I’ll get caught up on them.

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