Who's in your 5 - Baseball Post season Series

With the Hunt for October going on and the end of the baseball season nearing, I thought I'd do a who's in my 5 for my favorite baseball post season series, in my life time.  I'd love to have #1 be the Cubs winning the World Series, who knows maybe I can update this next year?  Yeah right, who am I kidding.  So, here...we...go.

Ok, i'm cheating i'm doing 7, it's my blog, I can do it.

7.  2004 ALCS.  Redsox down 3-0, and in less than 24 hours Big Papi has two game winning hits to help them get to 3-2.  Then the bloody sock and game 7.  RedSox beat the Yankees and win break the Bambino's curse.

6.  1993 Bluejays vs Phillies.  A walk off homerun, that's a great start to kick off the list.  My brother still hasn't seen the Joe Carter home run leave the ball park.

5.  1992 Braves vs Pirates - The Braves and Pirates gave us great series, this went to game 7 and the Sid Bream Slide!

4.  2003 Redsox vs Yankees - Aaron F'ng Boone.  Nuff Said

3. 1991 Braves vs Twins.  Quite simply the best World Series I've ever watched.  I remember watching every game every pitch.  Kirby's homer, and catch and Jack Morris's pitching.

2.  2003 Cubs vs Marlins - Heartbreak.  Pure Heartbreak.  5 outs away.  Bartman.  Gonzalez.  The rest is history.  Watch this clip if you dare.

1.  1995 Mariners vs Yankees - I remember this mostly because of the fun I saw Ken Griffy Jr had, and it was against the big bad Yankees.  My dad is a Yanks fan and he turned the tv off, walked to bed after seeing Junior smiling and celebrating.  This is baseball..it's was fun!

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