Best and Worst of the Weekend

Best – Friday night I had Brady on my left and Addy on my right on the futon and we watched “How To Train A Dragon” Couldn’t have asked for anything better. Saturday got Brady his Halloween outfit for this year. He’s going as Buzz Lightyear. No surprise, he’s on a big toy story kick. Sunday was Addy’s last soccer game of the year and she was so close to another goal, was proud of her this season, she played pretty hard. And I cooked a damn good supper Sunday night.

Worst – First will start with the 2 big things. Hawks lost to Wisconsin by 1, 31-30. Pretty much need to run the table to get back to the BCS, but won’t do any worse than the Outback Bowl. The Bears are just bad. We aren’t good. Another big thing that sucked was dropping 270 on a vehicle for brake pads. That sucked! Big Time. Other stuff, wish I had the weekend to do all over again. Things just weren’t fun outside of the ‘bests’.


  1. Dragon was best movie eva' according to my daughter.

  2. it was good. i enjoyed it. :)

  3. Buzz Lightyear is an awesome choice - well done him!