GFR Computer Ranking - Oct 24th

Down goes #1 and up rises the love of loves in non automatic qualifiers.  2 weeks ago Boise was #1 in the GFR, last week dropped down to #2 behind Oklahoma. This week after Missouri beat Oklahoma, Boise State is now #1 again.  Missouri moved up from #5 to #3 while Auburn is now #2 after beating LSU.

TCU and Michigan State round out the top 5.  Oregon's schedule and game points are keeping them from the top 5 though they look like a monster team.  Iowa which lost to Wisconsin still is ahead of the 7-1 Badgers, who are sitting at #20.

TOP 10
1. Boise State
2. Auburn
3. Missouri
4. TCU
5. Michigan State
6. Oregon
7. Oklahoma
8. Ohio State
9. Nebraska
10. Utah

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