Iron Man 2

So I RedBoxe’d Iron Man 2 last night and as my son said “this mine and daddy’s movie to watch”, we watched it last night after putting together his new bed (for his 3rd bday coming up in a few weeks).

In my 2010 Summer Movie Awards I gave it the Biggest Dud of the summer movies that I saw. I saw it opening week with a buddy of mine, and I remember sitting in the theater disappointed in it, maybe it’s because I spent 8 bucks on it, or maybe it was the 5 dollar popcorn. But I walked out disappointed and thinking how great the first one was and hoping for great things in this one. It surely wouldn’t have the sequel drop off like Spider-Man 3 or other super hero sequels.

But after re-watching it , I don’t think it’s as bad as I thought. It does what it needs to. It elaborates more on the Tony Stark character and his drinking problem (from the comics). It builds on to the story with S.H.I.E.L.D. and what will be the Avenger’s movie. A nice little Easter Egg with Captain America’s shield there. Samuel L. Jackson and Mickey Rourke I thought were the best in the film. I didn’t think Robert Downey Jr. was bad, but from what he was in the first, I thought it was a drop off, but then again, the character has evolved. Also, I thought Gary Shandling was great as the senator, funny lines at the end.

What I didn’t like. Don Cheadle as Rhoady. I really like him as an actor, and other roles he has been in I really enjoy. But I thought he struggled here. I thought had 2 really good scenes, when he is brought in to the Senate hearing, and then the end on the roof top. Everything else thought he struggled. I really wish they would have kept Terrance Howard as Rhoady, he was a gem in the first movie. Second was the Sam Rockwell as Justin Hammer. It’s not that I didn’t like the character, he was a punk who wants to be Tony Stark but is half assing his way there, but Sam Rockwell looked to be trying to be Jeremy Piven more than the Sam Rockwell character. I didn’t think Hammer when I saw him, I thought more Piven-wanna be. Also I didn’t need Scarlet Johansen as the Black Widow, thought it was just a try to get her introduced before the Avengers and also to put her in a tight body fitting outfit.

Looking back I still think it was a dud for me since I expected so much more…but it also makes me anticipate bigger and better things from the Avengers and Iron Man 3. I still enjoyed it and love the super hero movies, and watching it with my son was fun too, that was the best part.

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