Big Ten Awards - Week 5

Now that's how you start conference play.  With a bang.  Great games really everywhere except Iowa City.  The Hawks destroyed Penn State from start to finish, dominated like I thought they would.

Michigan State dropped the Badgers in an emotional game for them the day after head coach Dantonio was re-admitted to the hospital for another blood clot.  Great game, got up on the Badgers 20-10 and Wisconsin fought back but Sparty pulled it out.

Ohio State had a scare with Terrell Pryor getting dinged up vs the Illini and left Champaign with a win 24-13.  Denard Robinson and Ben Chappell light up the scoreboard in Bloomington.  Denard Robinson scored with 17 seconds left to help Michigan win 43-35.  And in Minneapolis, Jeremy Ebert made a ridiculous catch in the end zone late, but a 2 pt conversion failed.  Cats held and got the ball back for the winning field goal and iced it with a late interception.

Helmet Sticker - Who do you think?  Denard Robinson.  Helmet Sticker #4.  Scores the game winning touchdown vs the Hoosiers with 17 seconds left.  Put up 277 passing and 217 rushing, oh and 5 touchdowns.  Was he dinged up?  Didn't look it.  I don't know how many more weeks he'll be able to do this with the competition getting tougher.  Michigan goes to Sparty next week, will be interesting to see him progress through the Big Ten Season.  But so far here are his numbers.  731 yards passing, 688 yards rushing and 10 touchdowns.  Simply PS3!

Team of the Week- Gonna go co-teams of the week.  First Michigan State.  They didn't get lucky vs Wisconsin.  They beat Bucky.  They went in the game with their head coach back in the hospital with another blood clot and then ended the day making a statement and setting up a 5-0 vs 5-0 match-up vs Michigan next week.  The other is Iowa.  They came out and dominated from start to finish.  The Hawks have dominated 18 of 20 quarters this year.  The bad 1st half vs Arizona is costing the Hawks a top 7 ranking.  Penn State never had a chance in this game from the start.  Adrian Clayborn broke out with 10 tackles and a sack.  

Game of the Week - Northwestern 29 - Minnesota 28 -  The Gophers gave the Cats all the wanted.  Had a lead late in the game.  Stopped the Cats on a two point conversion to still be up by 2 but the Brew Crew hasn't learned how to win close games.  The Gophers came up short and Northwestern is 5-0.

Highlight of the Week - Yea its #16, 72 yard run.  Enjoy it, along with the rest of the highlights from the Hoosier-Wolverine game.  

Picks - I went 4-1 on my picks, 42-5/4-1.  Also -1 in the Jimmy John's Challenge.  

Next Week Quick Look - Game of the Week will be in East Lansing.  Michigan State hosts Michigan.  Both teams are 5-0.  Winner will be sitting pretty at 6-0/2-0.  There's also a little game in Madison for THE AX!

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