Best and Worst of the Weekend

Best – With the Hawks not playing this weekend, I thought it was a perfect time to get away with the kids and get out of town. Took a road trip to Omaha to Vala’s pumpkin patch and then stayed at a hotel to have some pool time. The kids loved it. The pumpkin patch was HUGE but thought that some of it was kind of corny. The Pumpkin Chunkin Cannon was COOL! I wanna see how far it could really launch it. Also after supper went on a carriage ride around the Old Market and my daughter stated “I feel just like a princess!” Just imagine if she was in the Cinderella Carriage?

Worst – Well the Hawks didn’t play, felt kind of lost! Just Kidding. Worst was probably the fact that I paid 12.75 a person for the pumpkin patch, then the food there. 12.75 was way too much! And then all the fun stuff, pay for again. Really? The place is like only open a month, and I figured on weekends they probably rake in close to 400,000 a day. Cars were backed up at least 2 miles to get in when we left. It was nuts. Also Friday night before we left Brady hit his head and had a nice goose egg when he fell on my knee. I was worried about him all night, but iced it and he was ok.

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